Course Description

This course introduces the concepts, practices, technologies and systems of business intelligence and analytics, which supports data driven insights generation and decision making. The complete process of BI is covered using modern BI tools, from data gathering, modeling, analysis, reporting, and visualization.

The course is part of our new certificate on data management and analytics.

Course objectives/learning outcomes

  1. Identify major components and capabilities of a general business intelligence process and system.
  2. Explain major techniques and technologies used to support BI and analytics capabilities.
  3. Build a BI/analytics application and solution with components of data model, data preparation, data analysis, and data presentation.
  4. Conduct research in business intelligence and analytics trends and their applications in organizations.

Course features

  1. Have hands-on experience with Microsoft Power BI.
  2. Allow students to explore their own interests and learn from the unique experience though research.

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