Course Description

Data visualization is the visual and interactive exploration and graphic representation of data of any type. In many cases good visuals facilitate human comprehension and decision making based on data. It has become a fundamental piece in today’s analytics and business intelligence systems.

This course covers data visualization concepts, practices, and tools particularly for exploring and analyzing data. Major visualization forms include charts, maps, and dashboards. Students will evaluate, design, and develop interactive visualizations and dashboards using a mainstream data visualization tool.

This course focuses more on technologies, systems, tools, techniques, and solutions; other aspects, such as statistical analysis, data cleanse, software design, will be covered although not the focus of this course.

The course is an elective in the MSIT certificate on data analytics and intelligent technology.

Course objectives/learning outcomes

  1. Describe key concepts and principles of data visualization.
  2. Evaluate and compare major data visualization forms and types including chart, map, and dashboard.
  3. Apply design principles and practices to develop interactive data visualizations.
  4. Design and develop interactive dashboards for data exploration and decision support.
  5. Conduct research on relevant data visualization topics.

Course features

  1. Hands-on training on Tableau.
  2. Allow students to explore their own interests and learn from the unique experience though customized projects.

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