Learning Materials and Resources - Last updated on May 1, 2023

Learning Modules

The course consists of the following modules:

  1. Overview: Business data visual and the bigger context
  2. Foundation: Concepts and theories of data visualization
  3. Chart 1 Catagories: Basic charting purposes and types
  4. Chart 2 Design Process: Chart development process
  5. Chart 3 Design Principles: Chart design principles
  6. Map 1 Data Map Basics: Location-based visualizations, mapping
  7. Map 2 Custom Map: Map design best practices and cases
  8. Dashboard 1: Basics Digital dashboards and design principles
  9. Dashboard 2 Design: Design Dashboard design best practices and case studies
  10. Interactivity: Interactive features in visualizations

Study Guides: all study guides are included in a ZIP file:


Lecture Notes are shared on EDOCR

Data Visualization Lecture Notes Collection on EDOCR

Software Learning and Training: Tableau Learning Labs are provided in a zipped file.

Tableau Labs - Zip File

Web visualization live demo